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Eco Water Bottles

Eco Bottles is a UK based organisation that produces eco-friendly bottles. Our vision is to reduce the carbon emission rate associated with the bottled water industry through imports & landfill waste.

We provide an alternative product to the consumer which promotes the reduction of plastic water bottle usage in the UK. Eco Bottles provide a service which supports the community, business and the public sector with the joint aim of minimising their carbon footprint and costs. In addition to this, we promote the health benefits of drinking water and the risks associated with dehydration.

Bisphenol A – Free

Made from Food Grade Plastic

Dishwasher safe

Reduce Landfill

The consumer can utilise the environmentally friendly Eco Bottle to safely re-fill and drink water or soft drinks on the go.

The Eco Bottle allows you to save money during the current climate because there is no need to purchase bottled water. You are playing a role in saving the planet by purchasing and reusing an Eco Bottle. The consumer will help to reduce the amount of plastic entering wasteful landfill and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint.

100% Recycled

The Eco Bottle is an environmentally friendly refillable drinks container which is manufactured using 100% recycled materials. The bottle may be purchased on a one-off basis and can then be utilised indefinitely, unlike most conventional products.

Due to its high standard of quality, the Eco Bottle is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned as many times as required. Traditional water bottles deteriorate and are prone to losing shape and rigidity over time. Most conventional water bottles are produced using controversial PET plastic, which has been connected to the release of Bisphenol A (BPA) into the product. BPA is hazardous to humans, especially infants and children. The Eco-bottle is assembled using high density polyethylene which is easy to recycle and releases absolutely no chemicals into your drink.

Reduce CO2 emission

A high percentage of bottled water is imported from overseas into this country. This unnecessary transportation of bottled water is one of the main contributing factors to the high carbon footprint associated within the industry. The eco-bottle is manufactured in the UK, this helps reduce the carbon emissions produced from conventional water bottles making it more environmentally friendly.

"The University of Manchester have been working with Eco Bottles for almost 7 years now, providing a reusable water bottle for all students in University halls of Residence. Each year 9000 water bottles are purchased to give to students as a welcome gift to University halls of Residences. Students use these to keep hydrated during lectures which, in turn..." read more

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