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5 Perks Of Using Eco-Friendly Bottles

5 Perks of Using Eco-Friendly Bottles

Environmentalists talk about eco-friendly bottles as if they’re the holy grail of environmentally-friendly products, but that’s probably because they are. When it comes to fighting pollution, global warming and the damages of societies’ waste, eco-friendly bottles are fighting on the front line. So, what’s so great about them? Well, here are just a few of the many reasons as to why eco-friendly bottles are so efficient when it comes to saving the environment!

It reduces plastic waste

This one’s obvious, but it’s still a major perk of ditching plastic bottles and using eco-friendly bottles. When people drink water out of plastic bottles, some might keep them to use later in order to not waste a perfectly good bottle, but a majority of the population would just bin them. I mean, the drinks come with a brand new one, right? Unfortunately, those wasted bottles contribute quite a bit to plastic waste, which does nothing but pollute the environment. One bottle in the trash may not make much of a difference, but it does when millions of people across the country do it.

It reduces water pollution

Many plastic bottle manufacturers use a toxin called “Bisphenol A”, or “BPA”, in their bottles, especially disposable bottles. The problem with this is that BPA disrupts the endocrine system, which is a system inside your body that produces hormones. It doesn’t sound too bad if one doesn’t know the importance of such a system, however it has been proven that BPA can also cause cancer, although it’s rather unlikely. But is it worth the risk? Especially when eco-friendly bottles are readily available and easy to acquire.

It saves money

Believe it or not, the safest water to drink is tap water. It has filtered, cleaned, purified and has ran through pipes that are designed to carry clean water. But that’s not the best part. Sure, you could buy a bottle of mineral water at your nearest supermarket to quench a thirst nice and quick, or you could fill up your trusty eco-bottle full of clean, refreshing tap water and have it with you the whole day. And the best part? Tap water costs mere pennies!

It supports your local water district

Many may not know this, but communities invest heavily in an infrastructure to provide a safe and consistent supply of drinking water. Sewage treatment plants and water purification plants house workers that spends hours cleaning dirty water so that it is readily available to drink for them and others. Savouring that healthy water with an eco-bottle shows, not only that you appreciate the work they endure, but that you support your community and value the work that they do daily.

It keeps you healthy

Yes, fizzy and sugary drinks may taste nice, but when it comes to quenching your thirst, they’re not the only option. Having your eco-friendly bottle handy means that you’ll be less tempted to buy sugary and high-fat drinks, meaning that, not only will you not gain any weight from keeping one around, but you might even lose some!

The fight against environmental destruction is tough, harsh and, to some, scary. With the way politicians and the media talk about it, it’s a fight that you’d have to devote your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears to make any difference. But the truth is it’s much simpler than that. Merely having quiet consideration for the environment, keeping it clean and doing little things like using eco-friendly bottles makes a big difference. And, if not, it still makes you feel a lot better about yourself. Thanks for reading.

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