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With the drastic global warming situation arising, companies are being targeted for their extensive carbon footprint. The amount of waste that is produced by business is vast, and as a company, we want to change this. By providing your employees with one continuous water bottle, you eliminate the usage of plastic cups and you thus reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of employees drinking water

Water is renowned for our bodies dependency on it. The human brain is made up of up to 85% of water, and if it becomes dehydrated, it is not able to achieve its normal potential. It makes words and numbers problematic, confusing and it creates problems with short term memory.

This naturally makes the employee’s concentration span drop and they become unmotivated and tired. If the dehydration persists it will lead to stomach cramps, nausea and dizziness. Your employee will not be capable of working until sufficient amounts of water is ingested. Muscles are made up of around 75% water and your employees will find it difficult to function if they are dehydrated.

Water is an excellent source of health and will keep your employees healthier on a day-to-day basis thus being able to keep their attendance records in according to your company’s regulations.

Environmental benefits

The Eco company water bottle is made from 100% recycled products and is made for long-lasting life. It can be washed and boiled for sterilisation without releasing hazardous chemicals such as Bisphenol A.

Instead of throwing away these water bottles and contributing to the landfill, the Eco company water bottle can be reused and lightens the load of your company’s carbon footprint. It would also be of a great advertising benefit for your company, who could state to be carbon neutral.

Unlike other bottled water companies who import their product from overseas, the Eco company water bottle is designed and made in the UK. This drastically helps reduce the carbon emissions created by transport which is a huge problem facing the bottled water industry.

We have made it our mission here at Eco-bottles to help businesses and public sector. Not only do we want to help to lower your carbon footprint, but we want to help your company survive through difficult financial periods.

It is mandatory for all companies to provide their employees with enough liquid to sustain the need for hydration. Vending machines use plastic cups that are a repetitive expense on your company, and environmentally unsound. Providing bottled water is a very expensive root, environmentally unfriendly and will raise your carbon footprint.

The Eco company water bottle can be purchased and supplied to your employees to be used on a daily basis. This will drastically cut down the amount of money you currently pay for hydration.

Personalised bottles

The Eco company water bottle comes in a variety of colours and can have personalised messages on them. This is up to the customer and can range from environmentally friendly messages to company logos or slogans.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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