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The University of Manchester have been working with Eco Bottles for almost 8 years now, providing a reusable water bottle for all students in University halls of Residence. Each year 10000 water bottles are purchased to give to students as a welcome gift to University halls of Residences. Students use these to keep hydrated during lectures which, in turn saves them money from not buying disposable water bottles. Another benefit of this is the number of water bottles which are not purchased as a result of providing students with their own water bottle. Single use water bottles are environmentally damaging due to the amount of oil required to make the bottle. If reused they can leach out Bisphenol-A, which is harmful to health.

Eco-bottles provide an alternative bottle, which does not contain Bisphenol-A and is a recycled plastic bottle originally made from milk carton plastic. The bottles are a grade two plastic meaning it can be re-recycled again once the user no longer requires it.

The students in halls have been using them a lot around the campus and it is great to see so many of them understanding the impacts that one use water bottles have when it comes to resource and waste issues. Often we see previous years’ bottles still on campus or during the vacation period across varying parts of the UK. We are currently working on our forth order for our students next year, which includes our first sales of the bottles in University Catering outlets, allowing our home, private hall students and University staff the opportunity to buy a reusable bottle for themselves.

Eco-bottles have also provided the University with support for Sustainability events on campus. These have included World Water Day, where bottles were donated to us in order to help raise funds for the One Water Foundation to support the building of play pumps in Tanzania and South Africa and our Food Sustainability Live event where a free prize draw was done for students and staff to win eco-bottles. These events helped to engage the University community about the importance of reusable bottles and showed us that there was interest in selling eco-bottles on campus, in addition to giving students their own bottles in halls.

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